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    • Chris Haddad: How to Craft A Belief-Shattering VSL Hook That Generates 100+ Sales Per Day

    • Ian Stanley: The Hybrid Youtube Ads Method That Generates High-Ticket Sales For $5 A Day

    • Kim Walsh Phillips: The 45-minute Clubhouse Script That Made An Extra MILLION In Webinar Sales In 7 Months

    • Matthew Stafford: The Free Shopify Plugin That Increases Ecomm Upsell Conversions By 22%

    • Maxwell Finn: Easily Make Eyeball-Grabbing Ads FAST By “Hacking” Influencers

    • Mikael Dia: The Facebook Group Sales Machine That Generated $208K In 48 Hours

    • Stefan Georgi: How To Trigger Emotions, Create Raving Fans, And Boost Lifetime Value With “ERM”